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Print lives on – Paper #12

To my staff and friends:

9/9/2005 and 9/9/2011

Six years ago yesterday a few friends gathered at a Sushi place in Round Rock to celebrate the launch of a new newspaper called Community Impact – which would be in home the next day. That day was a crazy day. We had post office issues, we had logistical party issues, we had printer issues, and we had very few people from the community who cared. And then it happened: 60,000 newspapers with news you couldn’t get anywhere else showed up in everyone’s mailbox – for free!
What I am most proud of is not the feedback we got from our readers. It wasn’t the money (believe me-there wasn’t much).It wasn’t the congratulations I received from strangers and friends. I’m most proud of the people I got to work with to start this thing.
I am proud of my wife Jennifer who not only encouraged and prayed with me – but she worked hard proofing everything.
I am proud of our designer at the time – Patty Smith. She carried on a can-do attitude even though she had to work with my ridiculous suggestions (and colorblindness, by the way), she had to work with our ridiculous mini Mac (now on display in the small conference room), and she had to work LONG hours. Literally 2 all-nighters.
I am proud of our sales/writer Michelle Davis (Kalush now). She and her friend Mandy worked tirelessly the night prior to sending the paper up making sure everything was perfect.
I am proud of Cathy Kincaid. Just a freelancer at the time but she didn’t act like it. She was full steam ahead and her enthusiasm and passion got the thing done and set the standard for our tone.
I am also proud of our advertisers – many who are still with us today. They believed in their business and they believed in ours -some of them also believed in charity! 🙂
Today marks the 12th launch and the feelings I had back in 2005 I know are felt by Jason. The Aggies would love to be able to claim this 12th paper as a symbol of how everyone is ready to work together to help the team win – but we all know Bearkats run this business so with the words of the great Sam Houston: “The benefits of education and of useful knowledge, generally diffused through a community, are essential to the preservation of a free government.”  

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