The Power of the Press is the Press

A recent post from another blog got my attention. Save journalism not newspapers is another look that ignores the importance of relevant content with distribution. Content is the jewel and distribution is the crown. If a news model depends on being read by millions on the web and make money – good luck. If the Huffington Post can’t turn a profit with 9 million unique visitors I don’t believe anyone can.
By far the “experts” on new media that I see on the world-wide web who preach newspapers dying is not a big deal are one of three people :

1. news organization people who got in early on the web side of their organizations and never really understood the news business (Profit and Loss and Advertiser ROI)


2. professors who don’t have a good grasp of what is actually happening on main street


3. people who see selling social media services or advising companies on how to use social media and thus have a financial interest in selling the idea that “Print is Dead”



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3 responses to “The Power of the Press is the Press

  1. beardsandbellies

    I was thinking last night at how uninformed I now am since I stopped getting the printed paper to rely on the internet. Whenever I read online news coverage, it feels watered down.

  2. Truthfully, I’m from NYC and I can not imagine my morning commute on the subway without my morning tea and a real newspaper. And FYI there is no internet on the subway, so that NY Times iphone Ap is utterly useless for the ride.
    Mr.BardSandBellies, you are right in that internet news is absolutely nothing like a printed paper. First off real newspapers have FACT CHECKERS. They do not play the he-said, she-said, they said, i-heard game like some websites and blogs that offer “news”. Traditional papers simply have a distinct professional quality of them. News is supposed to relay the information objectively, and let me make what I want of it. Maybe that’s why traditional papers have grown so unpopular. People practically NEED someone to tell them how to think and feel these days…..

  3. Check out – you may like it even though you may not necessarily agree with their articles on journalism and the economics of the newspaper industry.

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